5 Reasons Why T.I. and Tiny Should Stay Together

While watching a video of T.I. and Tiny’s Caribbean vacation, I decided to take my obligatory glance through the comment section. Although I wasn’t surprised at the negative comments and the don’t take him back girl rhetoric, I was thrown off by the fact that it really seemed that no one saw any value in what T.I. and Tiny had. How is it that people could tell someone to just throw away more than a decade of extremely fruitful partnership? This led me to think that people may not being thinking realistically about their relationship so I decided to give people five good reason for T.I. and Tiny to stay together.

1. The Kids:

I guess I should make the first reason the most obvious one so that we can get it out of the way; they have a bunch of kids. Now, I know that some of you are saying that they only have three children together but if you have ever been a part of a blended family then you know that they are both attached to one another’s children and of course the kids are attached to each other. T.I. and Tiny seem to work together as a very good team and inserting anyone else into the mix would certainly throw off the chemistry and make co-parenting more difficult for all parties involved. Basically if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and regardless of the relationship struggles, the kids seem to be thriving.

2. Lightening Doesn’t Strike Twice:

T.I. and Tiny have an obvious chemistry that the best actors couldn’t fake on screen. They can finish each other’s sentences and their personalities really mesh well. The two of them really bring out the best in each other and that is obvious in all of their interviews and moments on the show. T.I. needs someone sweet like Tiny to make his gruff street edge palatable to corporate America and Tiny needs T.I. to help keep her from being pushed around and often missing her own value in terms of business. The chances are that neither of them will every find someone that complements them in the same way. The truth is that once you find a great match, everyone else will be compared to them and generally be found lacking.

3. The Grass Isn’t Greener:

Okay, so people say that T.I. cheated and Tiny hung out with one of his rivals, so what. The truth is that anybody that you decide to be with is going to have issues and they are probably going to cheat or betray you in some way. Here’s what they won’t do, take you children in as their own, help you accomplish your goals, and support you for over a decade. People are always trying to shoot holes in someone else’s situation by pointing out the negatives. Well, news flash, everything has a negative aspect but that doesn’t mean that you just throw it away. If T.I. and Tiny called it quits, they are ultimately choosing to be alone. They may both find other people and I’m sure that it will work out for a while but eventually they will be hit with the inevitable and that is the fact that everything comes with a catch. Once you found someone that truly makes you happy, the reality is that it is all downhill from there. You may find someone who is completely faithful but doesn’t get you or your kids. You may find someone that doesn’t nag or expect much but they also won’t be with you when you fall. Relationships have their ebbs and flows so if you can find someone that gets you it is best to ride it out with them because perfection is only temporary.

4. The Empire:

I don’t care who T.I. or Tiny decides to be with, they aren’t building what they have with anyone else. What T.I. and Tiny have built is based on the two of them working as a team and even if they think they can do it alone, they can’t. People like seeing them together even if they don’t know it. The same people telling Tiny to leave T.I. for good didn’t care about her a few years ago and won’t care about her when the controversy is over. T.I. fans may feel like the rapper is just fine without Tiny but they don’t know how much being a family man has helped T.I. avoid being lost in time like most other aging rappers. If and when T.I. and Tiny split, they will both see a huge reduction in popularity. Marriage is also a business arrangement, and when you have a good business partner, you don’t let them go.

5. The Beach Party Ends:

The truth is that one day T.I. and Tiny won’t be famous anymore and no one will give a crap about either of them. Time marches on and one day it will leave you behind and that is true no matter who you are. Of course when you’re young and have your whole life in front of you it’s cute to throw things away but when you get old, you are left with nothing but regrets. The truth is that we make decision thinking that everything is replaceable and that there is always an upgrade waiting around the next corner and the truth is that there generally isn’t. Some people say that it’s okay to be alone and that is true if you never had anyone worth being with but once you have had the love of your life then you will always long for that feeling again. People who are telling Tiny to just move on are people who haven’t been with someone who is worth fighting for and those telling T.I. that he can get a badder chick haven’t been with a woman that makes you a better man. We all fall down but don’t let miserable ass people make you feel ashamed to get back up.

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